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A window into the past of Powell and Liberty Township

Historically Significant Videos

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Then and Now

This video contains a series of photographs of sites around Powell and Liberty Township in years past and the same sites today. Together they show how the area has changed and how, in some instances, the evidence of the past is still visible. No narration. Music credits: "After the Rain" by Ian Kelosky Content ID Code: QYUBKEENGBQGI4WR "Changing Colors" by Sounds Like Sander Content ID Code: 2BNKIQQFQBTNHUQ2 "Going Home" by Anthony Catacoli Content ID Code: DFC0JDN0LA4VFJKG

Videographer:   NA


History of Powell and Liberty Township

The first white family to settle permanently in what became Liberty Township, Delaware County, Ohio arrived in 1801. Using pictures, this video briefly traces the development of the area by highlighting a few key events. Music Credit: "Reason for Living" by Alsever Lake Content ID Code: DQGWTCJTNP2SC9G9

Videographer:   NA


Powell Tree Lighting, 1964

Video converted from 8mm film by Will Reeves, grandson of the photographer Fred Reeves. The video shows the fire department decorating the Powell Christmas tree in 1964. The tree stood on the north side of West Olentangy St. across from Prohibition. The tree was cut down in the 1990's. Mac Reeves, son of Fred, is at the top of the tree.

Videographer:   Fred Reeves


Powell Civil Defense

Video converted from 8 mm film by Will Reeves, grandson of Fred Reeves. The video shows two women checking the skies at the civil defense post that was located east of South Liberty St. in Powell.

Videographer:   Fred Reeves


Powell Speedway

Footage of the Powell Speedway. Date unknown. Unedited footage. No sound.

Videographer:   Fred Reeves, film contributed by Will Reeves


History of the Powell United Methodist Church

Video traces the origins of Powell and the history of the church from its start through the construction of the current building on Powell Rd.

Videographer:   unknown


The Businessman Farmer

Video featuring Louis Huffman, a former Powell resident who was selected as Farmer of the Year, in the early '60s. Powell has certainly changed. Produced by Massey-Ferguson Inc.

Videographer:   Unknown.