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Monday April 10, 2023
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Serpent Mound — An Icon of Ancient Ohio

Brad Lepper Speaks About Serpent Mound Similarities With Other Sites
Brad Lepper Speaks to a Full House
Brad Lepper Describing Archealogic Methods
Brad Lepper Explains His Theory About the Age and Origin of the Serpent Mound

To a relatively large and enthusiastic audience Brad Lepper introduced us to the of spectacular earthen sculptures in the world. Highlighted was Serpent Mound in Adams County in Ohio. Currently there is a debate among some archaeologists about who built the mound; some arguing the Adena culture about 300 B.C.E. and some believe it to be the Fort Ancient culture, around 1100 C. E. Brad shared with us some results of a study in which he and his research colleagues are currently involved, hoping to come closer to solving the debate. Brad definitely piqued our interest in these beautiful earthen works, an important part of Ohio's distant past.



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