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"Presidential Libraries"

presented by
Ron Foth, Jr.

at Martin-Perry House
Monday February 13, 2023
7:00 PM - 8:00 PM

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Powell and the Civil War

Mandy Henning presents Powell in the Civil War
Attendees at the Powell in the Civil War Presentation
Hall Family Markers in the Powell Cemetery
Close up of the Hall Marker Recognizing John and Theodore

In keeping with Veterans day, Mandy presented a very interesting program about her passion, the Civil War. Highlighted was Thomas Hall who played a significant role in Powell history, and his 7 sons all of whom served in the Civil War in some capacity. Her presentation ended with a touching tribute to some of Powell veterans of all wars over the years.


Pioneer Encampment

Discussing the Art of Calligraphy
The Campsite
Around the Fire
A Couple of the Visitors

For the first time in the five years since the pioneer encampment has been held on the Martin- Perry House lawn, we had to cancel some of our planned activities. The Friday evening bonfire, in the midst of major rain from hurricane Nicole, had to be cancelled, but inspite of cold, damp and snow flurry weather on Saturday, events went on as scheduled. RJ and four other reenactors were on hand to talk about pioneer life to those who braved the weather. Some of the activities were moved inside where it was warm and dry. The inclement weather just made the experience more authentic. Pioneer life was not easy. We're hoping for better weather the next time.



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