Powell Liberty Historical Society

A window into the past of Powell and Liberty Township

Members of the MARTIN Family

Albert Aug 20, 1851 - July 1, 1915
husband of Mary June 6, 1889; Parents Isaac Martin and Harriett M.

Walnut Grove Cemetery, Worthington Ohio

telegraph operator educated Academy at Central College,

Mary (see also) Sept. 17, 1862 - Nov. 5, 1932
Wife of Albert

Walnut Grove Cemetery

married at Martin-Perry House June 6, 1889, lived in home until 1928, sold property to Erwin Perry,

Hazel 1890 - 1967
daughter of Albert and Mary married James Evans and LLoyd James Brim

Helen 1894 - 1981
daughter of Albert and Mary married William (see also)

Wilma 1916 - 2004
Daughter of William A. and Helen Martin Married Harold Headlee

Norma 1918 - 2011
Daughter of William A and Helen Martin Dixon Married Herbert Crandel

Rhea 1898 - 1943
daughter of Albert and Mary never married