Powell Liberty Historical Society

A window into the past of Powell and Liberty Township

Members of the KIBBEY Family

Norman June 24, 1810 - July 27, 1890
Married Lucretia Children: Laura, George, James, Francis, John, etc.

Powell Cemetery

Gravestone Kibby

George 1855 - 1934
son of Norman

Powell Cemetery

caretaker of Powell Methodist Church after his livery and inn business were no longer needed; name on Church Quilt 1930

Lucretia Jan 12, 1813 - July 1, 1890
wife of Norman

Powell Cemetery

Candace 1859 - 1938
wife of George

Powell Cemetery

name on 1930 church quilt

Francis 1840 - 1924
Married Samantha Carroll Daughter Hattie died at age 13 in 1879 Son Charles 1875-1941

Powell Cemetery

Name on gravestone Kibby

Samantha (Carroll) 1845 - 1933
Married Francis

Powell Cemetery

Kibby on gravestone

Daisy Kibbey (see also) 5-22-1872 - 3-28-1950
married James Dandy in 1892; daughter of Laura
have her memories of growing up in Powell; moved to Ordway Colorado 1902

Laura 9-27-1852 - 11-29-1924
daughter of Norman and Lucretia; when her parents died she bought Roxy Bartholomew's house in Powell and she and Daisy lived there until Daisy married James Dandy Case
was a tailor and had a dressmaking shop in Powell, moved to Colorado about 1910