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Members of the HALL Family

Asa Gordon 1830 - 1890
son of Thomas Russell;
surveyed and platted Powell in 1876

Caleb 1812 - 1894
married Asenath

Edwin James
son of Thomas; married Mary Gardner and Sarah Ann Smith

Mary 1826 - 1888
wife of Edwin James;
buried Powell Cemetery See Scioto Company Descendants p 153

George Hall 1827 - 1893
son of Thomas

Powell Cemetery

Served in Civil War

Mary A. Wright 1833 - 1884
wife of George;
both buried Powell Cemetery See Scioto Company Descendants p. 153

Thomas Russell 1809 - 1862
Married Eliza Humphrey Had seven sons, two of which died in the Civil War
owned land at the four corners, known as Hall's Corner

Eliza Humphrey 1804 - 1873
both buried Powell Cemetery

Thomas S. 1842 - 1894
Married Frances A. Topliff
buried Powell Cemetery; see Scioto Company Descendants p 155, 156

Frances A. (Topliff) 1843 - 1928
wife of Thomas S.

Powell Cemetery

Olin B 1859
Married Mary Dell 1883 Son of George Hall
Railroad telegraph operator Cincinnati See Scioto Company Descendants

Russell Case 182e - 1889
Son of Thomas Russell Hall; See Scioto Company Descendants p.152
Teacher in Worthington