Powell Liberty Historical Society

A window into the past of Powell and Liberty Township

Members of the GOODRICH Family

His ancestors buried in Goodrich Cemetery

Ebenezer 1782 - 1846
Son of John; wife Elizabeth, children Aaron Strong, Edmund Parker, Minerva Minthorn, Highland E., Orvilla Maria Tone, Lydia Payne

Goodrich Cemetery

Betsy Dixon
Wife of Ebenezer; married 1813 in Middlebury (Powell today)

Aaron Strong (A. S.) 1814 - 1896
Son of Ebenezer
Had sons Allison, (A. E.) 1850-1924; George, 1852 William H. 1854-

Sarah Hardin 1827 - 1888
Wife of Aaron

Allison E. (A. E.) 1850 - 1924
Son of Aaron and Sarah
Have rescued photo card of him, probably taken when he was a student at Ohio Wesleyan