Powell Liberty Historical Society

A window into the past of Powell and Liberty Township

Members of the DAVIDSON Family

Edward 1926 - 1950
Son of Lawrence and Opal Married Patricia Blakesley 1947 Children Diane Louise and Carolyn Lee

Forest Lawn, Columbus, Oh

see “Four Generations of Davidsons in Powell” FAMILY ALBUM shelf Noah, Marion, Lawrence and Edward and their descendants; see also and

Noah Robert 1834 - 1912
Son of Robert Davidson and Elizabeth Gochenour; married Nancy Elizabeth Wiliams April 1864; Children: Harrison, Lucy, Marion, Jessie and Annabell

Powell Cemetery

Lawrence Marion 1900 - 1998
Son of Marion and Minnie Married Opal Bougher April 1924 Children Edward Marion, Eleanor Mae, Anna Belle, Dorothy Minnie

Forest Lawn

Marion 1873 - 1937
Son of Noah and Nancy Married Minnie 1899 Eight children, oldest Lawrence, born 1900

Powell Cemetery