Powell Liberty Historical Society

A window into the past of Powell and Liberty Township

Members of the CASE Family

Art 1917 - 2012
son of Owen and Vernie
Farmer who served in WWII; converted a tank into a tractor afterwards to plow his fields

Burt 1868 - 1941

Powell Cemetery

life-long resident of Powell

Minerva October 29, 1882 - 1976
wife of Burt; see also DUFFY Married 1901

Powell Cemetery

Frank P. 1848 - 1940
local builder See Scioto Company Descendants

Theodore 1840 - 1929
brother of Frank; Married Minerva Sullivan

Powell Cemetery

brick and tile and saw mill; buried Powell Cemetery See Scioto Company Descendants

George 1759 - 1834
married Electa; brother to Seth; parents Capt. John and Sarah Case

Marker Powell Hill South side of Powell Rd at 315

Revolutionary War soldier buried at top of Powell hill;

George M.
son of George

Lula Selma August 19, 1908 - December 3, 2006
daughter of Anna Katherine (Mulzer) and Wm Peter Case; see also
Interviewed 2000 Never married

Miles 1832 - 1912
married Emily Jane ;

James Dandy
Child of Miles and Emily Jane; married Daisy

John Titus
Child of Miles and Emily Jane

Luella (Ella)
Daughter of Miles and Emily Jane

married Vernie
See Family Album Shelf

Mabel Case
daughter of Owen and Vernie
See Scioto Company Descendants

Peter 1867 - 1935
son of Thomas Watson Case married Anna Katherine Mulzer daughters Lula and Emily Jane Bohannon see also
Owned land on Jewett Road

Seth 1749 - 1820
brother of George; had 10 children. daughter Silvia married Watson Case in Conn.

Liberty Cemetery marker; actually buried on his farm on west bank of Olentangy on south side of Powell Rd

Revolutionary War veteran

Oscar 1840 - 1921
Married Olive Wilcox Vance and Martha ?

Allando Alva 1878 - 1960
son of Theodore and Minerva Sullivan Case married Edith Grumley, childhood sweetheart (1877-1925) survived by daughter Mrs. John Fountain of Carrolton.

Powell Cemetery

served in WWI motor transport unit Major at discharged in 1919 Worked to develop the Sherman tank in WWII taught at Georgia Tech mechanical engineering 27 years

Titus 1796 - 1860
son of George and Sarah Case; wife Hannah Fisher died in 1895 at age 96
Folder contains Bruen-Fisher genealogy Have photo of his restored house

Anna Katherine Mulzer - 1967
wife of Wm Peter Case daughters Lula and Emily Jane

Union Cemetery

See also

Emily Jane 1836 - 1873
Wife of Miles

Thomas 1847 - 1928
son of Seth W. Case married three times: Lavinia Thomas, Katherine Steitz, Margaret Steitz Amos in 1893 ended in divorce in 1894

Oak Grove

Civil War veteran

Watson 8 June 1781 - 10 Aug 1853
father was Uriah Case; Watson married Sylvia Case, daughter of Seth Case; had son Seth W. Case


See photocopy of first ten pages of "The Watson Case Family in Ohio" obtained by Richard Converse, a Case descendant

Seth Watson 1815 - 1866
wife Mary Thomas (1816-1906) Eight children; had son Thomas Watson Case who served in the Civil War


Born in Connecticut, came to county in 1816, farmed near Hyatts, Justice of the Peace for over 30 years