Powell Liberty Historical Society

A window into the past of Powell and Liberty Township

Members of the TAYLOR Family

Jerome December 28, 1847 - July 8, 1914
married Susan Spong, from Concord Twsp.; children; Hosea Champion, John Lester and Clara Ethel(Kirkpatrick)

Oak Grove Cemetery

Farmed in Bellepoint, Ohio, married Susan October 20, 1870; went out To St. Joseph, Missouri on a two year land grant. Susan followed by train pregnant with first child, Hosea Champion.

Susan Spong October 1, 1848 - November 14, 1927
married Jerome, father Absalom Spong and Mother Mary Beackley, from Concord Twps.

Oak Grove

after returning from St. Joseph, Missouri, parents purchased 100 acres on the corner of Home Road and Liberty Road for their daughter. Now is the Liberty Park.

Hosea Champion September 26, 1872 - November 9, 1958
Parents Jerome and Susan ; brother, John Lester and Sister Clara Ethel (Kirkpartick) Married Emma (Minnie) Marquett , May 26, 1898.;daughter Anna.

St. Mary In Delaware Ohio

Lived at the home of parents ; on the Corner of Liberty Road and Home Road was called "Taylors Corner" now is the Liberty Park.

John Lester October 16, 1874 - June 27, 1951
parents Jerome and Susan, brother Hosea, sister Clara. Married Bertha Grace Richards. Three children; Vera , Mary E. and Helen.

Dublin Cemetery

John worked with the Powell Milling Company, lived on Olentangy Street.

Clara Ethel February 23, 1879 - December 29, 1977
daughter to Jerome and Susan, brothers Hosea and John, married Herbert Kirkpatrick , children; Russell R., Leonard, Ethel Irene, and W. Jerome

Powell Cemetery

Lived in Powell, divorced Herbert, never remarried. Russell was killed on the Powell Railroad tracks at the age of 16 years old, grave in Powell Cemetery

Anna Taylor Lawrence April 14, 1899 - August 21, 1990
parents Hosea and Minnie, married Harold W. Lawrence, November 10, 1920. had seven children and eighteen grandchildren.

Central Ohio Cremation