Powell Liberty Historical Society

A window into the past of Powell and Liberty Township

Members of the ANDREWS Family

Albert Lyman April 16, 1852 - 1934
son of Simon; Married Emily Jane Case

Powell Cemetery

Emily Case April 8, 1864 - January 9,1929
wife of Albert; had nine children

Union Cemetery

Albert Ray July 15,1891 - January 9, 1949
son of Lyman, married Bertha Colvin Children Richard and Linda Andrews Miller

Union Cemetery

Bertha () December 6, 1888 - October 30, 1947
wife of Albert Ray; five children

Union Cemetery

Hattie March 17,1889 - January 3, 1951
daughter of Albert ;married Clyde

Union Cemetery

one room schoolteacher

Willard April 22,1922 - February 18, 2000
married Alice Lane; daughters, Sue Spessard, and Sally Dewing, son Chuck
born in Powell, retired from Nestle's Co. of Fulton NY, lived in Marysville, Ohio, VP and Director of Research and Development .

Louise December 5, 1915 - December 1, 2000
married Paul ;

Fairview Memorial Park

taught in Mansfield, Olentangy and Columbus Schools for 35 years. Very active with the Powell Liberty HIstorical Society.

Velma September 3,1926 - April 15, 1980
daughter of Albert Ray;married Glen Herbert, three children

Radnor Cemetery

Richard Ray May 8 1920 - October 9, 1977
Son of Albert Ray and Bertha; married Gladys Devault

Union Cemetery

Grad Powell High School in 1938 Died from ALS

Timothy August 27,1766 - August 27, 1840
married Clarissa Beckwith from West Britain, Conn. had seven children

Powell Cemetery

Born at Newington, Conn.;early settler Liberty township

Lyman May 1796 - November 17, 1879
son of Timothy; married Percy Vining of Worthington

Powell Cemetery

Simon June 14,1828 - November 14,1893
son of Lyman; married Margaret Conroy

Powell Cemetery

Timothy (Capt.) 1798 - 1880
son of Timothy, married Ruth

Powell Cemetery

Ruth 1801 - 1866
wife of Capt. Timothy

Wells S. 1833 - 1919
son of Capt. Timothy Married Amelia Mercer

William Peter 1853 - 1928
Wife Mary Warner, father Lyman, brother to Albert, Children Frank, Blanche

Union Cemetery, Franklin County


Jennie 1887 - 1978
Daughter of Albert Lyman and Emily
Attended Powell Normal School in 1908; taught at Boardman and Bovee schools

Sophronia 1819 - 1821
Daughter of Lyman and Percy
No documented headstone in Powell Cemetery where her parents are buried

Sophronia (Reed) 1826 - 1904
Daughter of Lyman and Percy Vining Married Jones C. Reed

Dunreath Cemetery Marion County, Iowa

Percy Minerva Vining February 3, 1799 - November 6, 1868
Married Lyman Andrews son of Timothy; Percy came to Worthington from Simsbury Conn.

Powell Cemetery

Amelia Mercer 1836 - 1896
wife of Wells

Clarissa Amanda

Mary Warner 1860 - 1923
wife of Willaim P.

Union Cemetery, Franklin County