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Members of the ANDREWS Family

Albert Lyman 1852 - 1934
son of Simon
buried Union Cemetery

Emily Case 1864 - 1929
wife of Albert
buried Union Cemetery

son of Lyman

Bertha ()
wife of Ray

Willard 1922 - 2000
married Alice Lane

married Paul

married Glen Herbert

Son of Ray and Bertha married Gladys Devault

Timothy 1766 - 1840
early settler Liberty township; buried Powell Cemetery

Lyman 1796 - 1879
son of Timothy
buried Powell Cemetery

Simon 1828 - 1893
son of Lyman
buried Powell Cemetery

Timothy (Capt.) 1798 - 1880
son of Timothy
buried Liberty Cemetery

Ruth 1801 - 1866
wife of Capt. Timothy

Wells S. 1833 - 1919
son of Capt. Timothy

William P.
Wife Mary Warner, father Lyman, brother to Albert, Children Frank, Blanche

New Family Member

Amelia Mercer 1836 - 1896
wife of Wells