Powell Liberty Historical Society

A window into the past of Powell and Liberty Township

Members of the SCOTT Families

SCOTT Family 1

John W. September 16,1867 - July 17,1936
Husband of Maude Conklin and Estella Norris; Son Carey Paul Grandson John M Scott lived with him

Powell Cemetery

Maude Conklin 1862 - 1906
Married 1893, First wife of John Scott; son Paul,

Africa/East Orange Cemetery

Buried with her parents Matthew and Minerva Conklin

SCOTT Family 2

Simeon October 25,1798 - October 20,1873
First wife Jemima Second wife June Courtwright

Powell Cemetery

Jemima 1808 - 1841
First wife of Simeon

Powell Cemetery

June Courtwright
Second wife of Simeon; married 16 March 1843 in Delaware County