Powell Liberty Historical Society

A window into the past of Powell and Liberty Township

Members of the TONE Family

Lafayette 21 June 1824 - 30 March 1908
married Sarah Cellar

Liberty Presbyterian

Ohio Historic Inventory of Lafayette Tone home, barn and granary built about 1855 overlooking Olentangy River; still in family Civil War veteran

Russell and Daphne
current owners of barn and granary

Linda Tone Diamond
current owner of house

Sarah Cellar 1834 - 1915
married Lafayette Tone 1856; daughter of James Cellar

Liberty Presbyterian

Minor P 1819 - 1877
married Maria Orvilla Goodrich; son Justin, daughter Alice; brother of Lafayette

Greenlawn Cemetery

son Justin killed age 10 in steam engine explosion at Delaware County Fair; sheep breeder

Orvilla Maria 1820 - 1884
married Minor Tone 1845; father Ebenezer