Powell Liberty Historical Society

A window into the past of Powell and Liberty Township

Members of the SULSER Family

Samuel May 2, 1889 - May 1, 1949
Parents John H. and Margaret (Schenk) lived in Powell; married Della Butterfield, had three children; one passed, Marvin D. and Melvin G.

Worthington, Ohio

Samuel was a well known Delaware County Contractor, built homes in Mt. Air and Powell. Built Oscar A. Schenck home.

Della August 28, 1894 - December 28, 1947
wife of Samuel, two sons Marvin and Melvin, grandsons Steve, Alan and Michael; father Abner J. Butterfield

Walnut Grove Cemetery

obituary, lifelong Powell resident, Della was a life-long resident of Powell , member of the Powell Methodist Church and Liberty Rebekah Lodge.

Marvin D October 12, 1916 - January 23, 2005
son to Samuel and Della, brother to Melvin, sons Steve and Alan. Married Mary Helen Wright from Worthington, Ohio.
Lived in Mt. Air, then bought 33 acres corner of Route 315 and Bean Oller Road. Built his own home. Was a contractor .

Melvin G February 7, 1921 - May 7, 1998
son to Samuel and Della, brother to Marvin, married Mary Ruth Hole, a son name Michael

Worthington, Sharon Twsp Ohio

Steven D 1942 - October 29, 2012
Parents Marvin and Mary Helen, brother Alan, married to Kitty Couter , had three children; Stephanie, Jennifer and Mark, divorced, married Cathy Kashner.
Also, was a contractor, lived on Bean Oller Road, then moved to Worthington, Ohio.

Alan 1946
husband of Sharon Kaye McCormick, sons Matthew and Aaron, grandson of Samuel and Della Sulser, brother Steve.
Olentangy Graduate of Class of 1964, retired as an Architect.

Sharon Kaye 14 May 1946 - 16 Jan 2021
wife of Alan; daughter of Dwight and Irene McCormick

Oak Grove Cemetary

attended Powell School and Olentangy High School 1964; obituary