Powell Liberty Historical Society

A window into the past of Powell and Liberty Township

Members of the SHARP Family

Peter 1834 - 1905
First wife Elizabeth; six children Anna, Daniel, Henry E., Charlie, Robert, Julian second wife Rachel A, married 1862

Powell Cemetery

merchant in Powell 1865 onward

Elizabeth Jane 1834 - 1873
first wife of Peter

Powell Cemetery

Rachael 1845 - 1914
second wife of Peter
had millinery shop and opened a “Powell Reading Room”

Blanche 1894 - 1911
child of Julian and Weltha
died of typhoid fever

Lucille Sharp (see also) (see also ) 1897 - 1967
daughter of Julian and Weltha; married Donald Canfield; mother of Jean Kirkham

Powell Cemetery

several family photos See also and

Julian Edward "Peck" 1867 - 1942
wife Weltha; children Lucile, Blanche

Powell Cemetery

name on 1930 Church Quilt J.E. Sharp listed 3 times; owner Sharp Canfield Hardware store