Powell Liberty Historical Society

A window into the past of Powell and Liberty Township

Members of the SELLERS Family

Jacob P. July 20, 1840 - September 3, 1912
Married Rachel Ann Boring, son Leroy

Powell Cemetery

Blacksmith in Marysville and Powell, Ohio, Civil War, lived with son who also a blacksmith

Rachel Ann Boring 1845 - 1929
wife of Jacob
her family Bible records

LeRoy Boring 1874 - 1937
son of Jacob; married May Chambers

May Chambers
wife of Leroy

Dana 1897 - 1965
son of LeRoy; married Mildred Altrock

Mildred Altrock
wife of Dana

Vaughn 1899
son of Leroy; married Cecile Bishop

wife of Vaughn
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Melvin 1939
Grandfather Jacob, son of Dana
"Benny the Clown” for Historical Society pancake breakfast, member to Powell Liberty Historical Society,