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Members of the SCHENCK Family

Bill (William Clint) August 19, 1947
Son of Bobby (Robert)and Blackie (Doris), brother Jeb, Grandfather, Oscar A. Schenck, Aunts ; Marion Fenstermaker, Freda Lashley, Uncle Oscar C.
Billy Schenck is a contemporary artist with work in over 40 museum collections and corporate collections that include Sony, IBM, Saatchi and Saatchi, American Airlines and others. His subject matter spans genres from western landscape to cowboy pop. He has been exhibited widely in the United States and Europe. He is a World Champion Ranch Sorting winner and the proprietor of the Double Standard Ranch in Santa Fe, New Mexico, his home for the past two decades.

Charles 1860
Brothers Oscar Adolf, William, Daniel, Frederick, Irving, Arthur, Walter, sister Julia.
With brother William co-founded Olentangy Rye; Charles was the owner of Mulzer Mill until 1913. His son Clinton owned the Mulzer property afterwards. The attached photo shows his 4 sons and Charles Sr. standing at the property. Left to right; Earl, Clinton, Charles and Harvey with Charles sitting far right.

William J. Schenck April 16,1863 - July 17, 1917
Brothers were Charles George Oscar Adolf., Arthur Emil, Walter, Frederick, Irving, Walter and daughter Julia. Father was Daniel Frederick Schenck who arrived in America in 1856 and came to Columbus, Ohio.

Greenlawn Cemetery

Brother Charles; co-founders of Olentangy Club Rye

Oscar Adolph June 23, 1870 - August 6,1947
children; Marion (Fenstermaker), Oscar Courtwright,Fredda (Lashley)

Greenlawn Cemetery

built home about 1928 on Powell Road near Rt. 315 home built by Sam Sulser.

Doris Jean Schenck April 22, 1926
Married Robert C., mother to Bill and Jeb, Nickname "Blackie"; she taught school in the Olentangy School District. Robert was killed in an auto accident in 1953. Doris remarried Dick Zubel who hosted the local TV show "The Wrangler". Doris divorced Mr. Zubel sometime later and married Robert DeGroot, also a local school teacher. Doris and Robert relocated to Wyoming where he became a National Park Ranger at Yellowstone National Park.

Robert C. Schenck September 22, 1920 - January 3, 1953
father, Adolf Oscar, married Doris Jean Budow;

Greenlawn Cemetery

Jeb Schenck May 1, 1949
Father, Robert, mother Blackie, brother Bill, and Grandfather Oscar Adolf Schenck
Attended school at Olentangy, class of 1968, college (?). Jeb was an experienced mountain climber, professional photography, and was a teacher for many years in Thermopolis, WY. Received Teacher Award from the President of United States.

Oscar Courtright February 3, 1914 - December 29, 1999
Son of Oscar Adolf Schenck. Brother Robert (Bobby), sisters Marion (Fenstermaker) and Fredricka ("Fredda" Lashley).

Greenlawn Cemetery

Oscar Courtright (many people called him Court), inherited the property at 1544 Powell Road (see history under Oscar Adolf). He married Marjorie Moore in 1950, They had 3 children, Stephen Lewis, Sharon Elizabeth and Sandra Alice. Oscar and Marjorie sold the Powell property in 1978 and moved to Green Valley Arizona. The property was split into 3 parcels while the old original home remained. After some neglect and a vacant period from previous owners, it was purchased and remodeled by Bob and Beth Buehler (see PDF under Oscar Adolf).