Powell Liberty Historical Society

A window into the past of Powell and Liberty Township

Members of the BISHOP Family

Mary J. 1896 - 1992
husband Carl
cook at Powell School;

Elizabeth Lucile Dunlap 1919 - 1999
daughter of Carl and Mary


May McGuren
wife of Irwin

daughter of Irwin and Mary; married Vaughan SELLERS-(see also)

Laura first wife Marietta (Etta) second wife
lived 87 W. Olengtany St.

Marietta (Etta) Lehman - 1955
second wife of Mahlon

Paul 1922
son of Mahlon and Marietta

Donald E. 1931 - 1994
son of Carl and Mary

Fairview Memorial Park, Lewis Center

Navy veteran of Korean Conflict; have his uniform in our collection

husband of Mary father of Donald and Elizabeth Lucile

Roy 1925 - 1988
son of Mahlon and Marietta