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Members of the PERRY Family

Alice 1923-1991 -
daughter of Erwin and Mary Perry, married William Hayes

Erwin Leroy 1883-1957 -
married Mary Ivah Neil in 1913 see The Perry Tree

Mary Ivah Neil 1892-1986 wife -

Neil LeRoy 1914-1966 married Mildred R -
Child of Mary and Erwin:.

Ivah 1916-2005 see her folder -

Donald Blaine 1920 or 1921 married Alice Elizabeth Koch -

Alice 1923-1991 see her folde -

Jean 1928- see her folder -

Norman 1932-2010 married Eve see his folder -

Ivah 1916-2005 daughter of Erwin and Mary Perry, married Edwin Delk -

Jean Perry Kirkham Shaw born 1928- -
daughter of Erwin and Mary Perry; first husband Richard Kirkham ;second husband Charles Gregory Shaw

Norman V. 1932-2010 -