Powell Liberty Historical Society

A window into the past of Powell and Liberty Township

Members of the NEFF Family

George Washington January 3,1830 - December 13, 1892
married Clara STANBERY; children; Stanbery, Ambrose Washington, Laura S., Bond Stanbery Mary, and George W.


Colonel in Civil War See Scioto Company Descendants ;Large tract of land along the Scioto River (which includes the Columbus Zoo) was known as Stanbery Tract.

Ambrose W. January 21, 1858 - July 6, 1932
Father George W. and mother Clara Stanbery; wife Jennie Abert

Powell Cemetery

Lived on Liberty Road straight cross from Jewett Rd.

Mary October 16,1866 - October 16,1948
married Walter in 1918; mother Clara Stanbery married to Neff No children

Powell Cemetery

Farm was the Big Bear Farms, Laura lived with Mary and husband,

Laura November 15, 1856 - June 19, 1945
See above, never married

Powell Cemetery

lived with sister Mary on Zinn (Big Bear) farm; Laura was deaf and an artist.

Bond Stanberry 20 July 1877 - 14 Aug 1950
married to Frances Neff; two daughters Margaret and Elizabeth; married Elizabeth Dunn Willson Sept 1918 son of George Washington Neff , Also see STANBERY ,

Powell Cemetery

Served in WWI; mechanical engineer; served as Justice of the Peace for Liberty Township; Organizing the Powell Fair in 1909, also served as cashier at the Powell Bank.