Powell Liberty Historical Society

A window into the past of Powell and Liberty Township

Members of the BERRY Family

George Washington about 1840 - unknown
ex-slave; lived in Kentucky after Civil War with first wife Susan; children: Mary A., Albert, Eliza, Francis, Ollie, Alice, Frank, and Amelia. married Ida Berry in 1887


age 80 in 1920; widowed and lived in Liberty Township on Neff farm in 1880; information from "My Memories of George Washington Berry" by Craig Askins 1987

Frank about 1879
son of George Washington Berry
died of influenza age 28 outside of cabin where he lived with his father

Ida Jan 1855
second wife of George Washington Berry, married in 1887
Born in Kentucky

Albert about 1865
Wife Anna Whitfield; had 9 children
lived on Fishinger Pike in 1920; Clinton Road, Franklin County in 1930

Amelia 19 Dec 1884 - 23 Mar 1972
daughter of George Washington and Ida May Jameson Berry; first husband Osborne Merchant in 1906, second marriage Arthur Bramdon in 1915; had daughter Blanche born 1908

Union Cemetery, Franklin County

Osborne Merchant was the son of Anamis Merchant of black community in Hilliard and Rachel Depp of Depp community in Shawnee Hills.