Powell Liberty Historical Society

A window into the past of Powell and Liberty Township

Members of the MORGAN Family

Doris November 11, 1909 - December 5, 1993
daughter of Fred; married Eugene Franics Daly, son Edward Eugene

North-Meadowlawn Memorial Gardens, FLA

photo only; served in the Women's Army Corp WWII

Melvin May 20, 1909 - September 11, 1979
husband of Luthella, children; James, Joyce

Fairview Memorial Park

Liberty Township Fire chief , also owned the Barbee's Dari Twist

Luthella “Poodle” August 21,1914 - July 17,2009
Melvin, husband, parents; Elizabeth E. Pounds and John Holly, Grandparents-Pounds buried in Powell Cemetery.

Fairview Memorial Park

interview 1999

Martha (see also)
granddaughter of Ralph and Addie (see also); Rebecca and Frederick Hyre paternal grandparents-lived on Clark-Shaw Rd.

Fred August 2,1870 - May 30, 1951
wife Mary Maude; daughter Doris

Union Cemetery