Powell Liberty Historical Society

A window into the past of Powell and Liberty Township

Members of the MARQUETTE Family

Warner January 10, 1830 - November 9,1906
married Joanna Whitman in Columbus, they had twelve children; Mary M., Emma, Louise Bell, Carolyn, Katherine, Ann Sarah, Peter J., Charles, Louis and John P.

St. Mary

Warner crossed the Ocean from Ottenweiler, Wurtemberg Germany to Columbus, Ohio, moved around from Radnor Twsp. to Delaware Twsp, Millville and Delaware Twsp. Lived on the North East Corner of Ford Road in Liberty Twsp.

Mary M. April 10, 1859 - January 14, 1947
Father-Warner, married Anthony Pluckbaum,

St. Mary

lived in Delaware on Winter Street, had seven children.

Emma -Minnie February 18, 1874 - August 16, 1959
Father-Warner-married Hosea Taylor, one child; Anna Taylor Lawrence

St. Mary

lived on the corner of Liberty Road and Home Road, known as "Taylor Corner", now Liberty Park, then moved up on LIberty Road farmed and now is the Havener Park

Louise (Lucy)Belle November 29, 1869 - October 31, 1948
Father Warner-Married Charles (Doc) Talley, no children,

Oak Grove Cemetery

Loved all the children of Powell, Lucy kept the books for Doc. She would simply did not write the poor people's names in, so they did not have to pay. Doc noticed she marked the names off, Doc said "My God , Mommie we can't bring them all in the world for nothing".

Carolyn -Callie December 20, 1871 - August 8, 1959
Father-Warner, married Charles Steitz, Father Michael Steitz, two children; Agnes Marie and Lucille (Lucy)

Oak Grove

Lived on Michael Steitz's farm on the corner of Hyatts Road and Chickahominy later renamed Steitz Road

Katerine-Kit December 20, 880 - January 25, 1968
Father-Warner , married Orange W. Howey,

St. Mary

Lived on farm in Powell on North Liberty Road across from Twisted Metal. The house just was renovated in 2023.

Ann June 20, 1868 - September 29, 1948
Father-Warner, married Joseph J. Macklin; had seven children

St. Mary

Lived on Section Line Road

Peter J. January 29, 1862 - June 3, 1934
Father-Warner,Married Ella O'Harra

St. Mary

Charles August 2, 1865 - September 6, 1887

St. Mary

Louis September 25, 1856 - June 5, 1944
Father-Warner, married Elsie FLora Boardman, first wife, children Carrol (Hank), Flora and Joanna, second wife; Anna Eliza Duchmann

Oak Grove

Had a farm on North Library Road, Wyandot Run Elementary School

John P. September 10, 1857 - May 19, 1940
Father- Warner

Woodlawn Cemetery

Moved to the State of Washington,

Alice August 22,1896 - May 26,1996
Parents Thomas Orr and Mother Cara Belle Despennett, Licking County, Married Carrol (Hank) Blair Marquette, 1941.

Oak Grove Cemetery

one newspaper photo of S.W. Grange organization with other local farmers. First Marriage Emmett Bowser, two daughters; Marjorie and Ella Jean.

Carrol (Hank) Blair November 8, 1886 - September 15, 1959
Parents: Louis Marquett and Elsie FLora Boardman, Grandparents; Warner Marquet and Joanna Whitman, Married to Alice Orr

Oak Grove Cemetery

Had a farm on Liberty Road where the Wyandot Run Elementary School .Changed the spelling of Marquet to Marquett