Powell Liberty Historical Society

A window into the past of Powell and Liberty Township

Members of the LAWRENCE Family

Harold W. October 31, 1899 - January 9, 1991
Wife Anna Susan Taylor; see Anna on children
married Anna Susan Taylor November 10, 1920; parents lived 1915 on farm which is now the Olentangy Caverns.

Anna S. April 14, 1899 - August 21, 1990
Harold Husband, children; Harold Taylor, Charles F.,John E., Hallie (Heath), Jerome W., Rodrick A. and Susan (Glass). Parents: Hosea and Emma (Minnie) Taylor. Anna's mother, Emma was a Marquett
Anna's Aunt Lucy was married to Dr. Talley; Anna's family "Taylor" were a long time resident of Liberty Township. Lived on the corner of Home Road and Liberty Road. 100 Acrea farm, Now the Liberty Park.

Charles F. “Charlie” July 22, 1923 - September 2, 2003
Parents-Harold W. and Anna Taylor Lawrence, siblings:Harold Taylor, John Edward, Hallie(Heath), Jerome Williams, Rodrick Allen and Susan (Glass) married Donna Courter
former mayor, township trustee Powell HS Class 1942 Served in the Army in WWII, received the purple heart and was a POW

John E. April 2, 1925 - September 13, 2013
parents; Harold and Anna, brother Charles, married Josephine Beam in 1950. ,children: Mary E. Schenck, Melanie S. Phelps , John R. and Matthew E.


John and Josephine both graduated from Powell High School.

Donna Muladore 1923 - 1999
wife of Charles
Powell Village Council member 30 years; founding member Powell-Liberty Historical Society;