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The Powell Cemetery


Powell Cemetery covers approximately 1.22 acres enclosed by a fence and is now under the jurisdiction of the City of Powell. It is closed to new burials.


600 feet north of State Route 750 (Olentangy St. or Powell Rd.) and 20 feet east of N. Liberty St. iust north of the "Four Comers"
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Cemetery Layout

Grave locations in this inventory are coded with a row index and a grave index within the row. Twenty rows are labeled A - T respectively and account for graves lying on straight lines (approximately) running south to north parallel to the fence along N. Liberty St. and starting at the fence. Grave indices within a row increase sequentially south to north. The approximate distances from the fences S-N and W-E are also provided. See the Cemetery Schematic for clarification.

First Burial - Date of Death

Joseph M Gardner, 4/6/1834

Last Burial - Date of Death

Wallace H O'Dowd, 2007


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Powell Cemetery ca 1900

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Powell Cemetery, September 2021