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Local History Quiz

April 15, 2024, 07:00 PM - 08:00 PM
Local History Quiz
Allen Miller
Martin-Perry House
103 E. Olentangy St.
Powell, OH 43065


An engaged audience participated in the Local History Quiz on Monday evening April 15. The presentation included numerous pictures of Liberty Township through the years and facts, both well-known and obscure. Special attention was given to the evolution of the Liberty Township school district from the one-room school era up to the formation of the Olentangy district. Excerpts from the interview with Don Bell in June 2022 were included to provide humorous insights into the uniqueness of the "Monument on the Hill."
Enjoying the Humor


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Title:   Local History Quiz

Presentor:   Allen Miller

Description:   A recording of the September 15, 2024 Powell-Liberty Historical Society Program presented by Allen Miller. The presentation was in the form of a quiz examining a wide range of subjects from the history of Powell and Liberty Township with extra emphasis on the late 19th and early 20th century schools. Music credit: "Tresco Abbey" by Moments Content ID: GVN74P23TNDUEVUJ

Videographer:   Allen Miller

Presentation Slides

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Title:   Local History Quiz

Presentor:   Allen Miller

Description:   Presentation slides from the April 15, 2024 program.

Documents (pdf files)

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May Duffy's handwritten description of the history of the Liberty Township Schools from the mid 1890's to 1914. The school system underwent rapid change during this period and Miss Duffy was a student and teacher throughout.


A first-person account of the formation and early years of the Liberty Township Fire Department by the first chief


Catalog describing the curriculum, faculty, board members and other information for the 1903-04 school year.


1911 Liberty Township High School Catalog. The high school was held in the newly opened Powell School this school year.


Report card for Esther Grumley who was a student in the Normal class at the Powell School in 1909. Edgar Law was the instructor.


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Introducing the Local History Quiz
Allen Miller Points Out a Puzzle

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