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The Civil War Herb Lady of Ohio

May 08, 2023, 07:00 PM - 08:00 PM
The Civil War Herb Lady of Ohio
Valerie Hamill, Reenactor
Adventure Park Recreation Facility
260 Adventure Park Drive
Powell, OH 43065


An enthusiastic audience learned about the medicinal benefits of several herbs, presented by the Civil War Herb Lady of Ohio. Valerie Hamill, in character and costume, captured the interest of attendees by sharing interesting herbal tidbits as she passed samples around to touch and smell. After her presentation everyone was invited to make their own Tussie Mussie, a small bouquet of aromatic herbs, to take home.
Making a Tussie Mussie


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Herbs and Literature Ready to Sample
Civil War Herb Lady, Valerie Hamill, and Some of the Audience
Civil War Herb Lady Reads a Letter From Her Husband
The Herb Lady Shows Burdock to the Audience
All Ages Enjoyed Making Tussie Mussies
Testing the Fragrance
Linda, Marilyn, and Marge
The Ohio Civil War Herb Lady, Valerie Hamill

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