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Living History re-enactment of a French Voyageur

April 18, 2022, 07:00 PM - 08:00 PM
Living History re-enactment of a French Voyageur
Tim Kreps, retired teacher and history re-enactor
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With a ring in his nose and an ostrich feather in his hat, Tim Kreps became Henri, the voyageur fur trader who welcomed us into his trade encampment. We were introduced to Indian artifacts and the furs traded for the white man's conveniences. Henri also showed us how to magically start a fire with flint and steel, and how warm the capote was for those long cold winter nights. To top off the living history program, Henri took us outside on the side lawn to demonstrate the loud crack of a flintlock rifle. We thank Tm Kreps for taking us back in time to the era of the fur trade in North America.
Tim Kreps as Henri, the Voyageur


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Title:   Meet a French Voyageur Fur Trader

Presentor:   Tim Kreps

Description:   Tim Kreps becomes Henri, a French Voyageur fur trader, as he shares many trade artifacts and many stories of the Voyageur. You will hear the music of the jaw harp, hear the crack of a flintlock rifle, and see starting a fire with flint and steel, Music Credit: "We Will Last" by Alsever Lake Content Code ID:: TMOMV3DRPI0TJMNC

Videographer:   Allen Miller


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Tim Kreps Setting up for the Presentation
Linda Tries on a Capote
Collin Finney, Henri, and Tim Steitz
Henri Using Flint and Steel to Start a Fire
The Culmination of the Demonstration
Henri, the Voyageur

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