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A Look At Ohio's Historic Barns

April 12, 2021, 07:00 PM - 08:00 PM
A Look At Ohio's Historic Barns
Dan Troth, Vice Presiden, wwwt of Friends of Ohio Barns
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Dan shared with us many before and after photos of current barn restorations throughout the state, as well as some interesting old photos of past barn raisings and preservations. Also featured was the story of the passage in 2018, of the Ohio Barn Bill, making the barn the official architectural symbol of Ohio. Dan's testimony and the work of four Westerville school students were instrumental in it's passage. If you are interested in seeing preserved and restored barns in the Ohio rural landscape, you may want to check out the Friends of Ohio Barns website www.friendsofohiobarns.org.


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Title:   A Look at Ohio's Historic Barns

Presentor:   Dan Troth

Description:   Video recorded for Dan Troth's presentation about timber framed barns focusing on restoration and relocation of barns from the 1800s.

Videographer:   Allen Miller


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The Delaware County Bicentennial Barn

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