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Highlights In The Early History Of The Village Of Powell, Ohio

Frank Bayles
This history is a series of four articles that appeared in the Worthington News in 1946 and early 1947 as the process to incorporate Powell was underway. It is a fact filled summary of the early history of the area. The links provided will open a copy of the newspaper to the page containing the article. The Worthington News archive is part of the Ohio Memories Project of the Ohio History Connection and access is courtesy the Ohio History Connection.


This material cited in this article is made available through Ohio Memory, a collaborative program of the Ohio History Connection and the State Library of Ohio. The material is made available Courtesy the Ohio History Connection.

Mr. Bayles’ article was published in four parts and links to each are provided below. While selective in scope as any history must be, together the articles provide a good description of the people and events that led the area to grow from the first settlers to the verge of incorporation in 1947.

Part 1. The Worthington News, December 12, 1946

This article, the first of four, written to coincide with the petition for incorporation, describes the early history of Powell including the first settlers, early residents of note including Thomas Hall and sons, mail delivery, the railroad, churches, development of the schools, lodges, and doctors.

The following link will take you to OhioMemory.org that has a digital copy of the article.

Part 2. The Worthington News, December 19, 1946

Part 2 of Mr. Bayles’ history focuses on the biographies of prominent early residents including Asa Gordon Hall, Jonathon T. Gardner, Joseph C. Gardner and their families.

Part 3 The Worthington News December 26, 1946

This short installment of Mr. Bayles’ history focuses on the history of the northeast corner of Olentangy and Liberty Streets and the many owners during the early years.

Part 4 The Worthington News, January 7, 1947

The final installment of the history continues tracing the ownership of the store on the northeast corner of Olentangy and Liberty Streets culminating in operation by Julian Sharp and Don and Lucille Canfield.

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