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After making an unexpected move from the planned venue to the East Room at City Hall with the welcome aid of the always courteous Powell Police Department, a large and attentive crowd heard Valerie Hamill tell the amazing story of Major Pauline Cushman. It is an exciting tale worthy of any spy movie. Several references, including books about Pauline Cushman, General Rosecrans, women in the Civil War are included with the program description. Of special note is reference to a coloring book about women in the Civil War. A link to a short video about women in the Civil War is also included in the description. This video does not include Major Cushman, but describes the many roles that women filled in the war.
Major Cushman with Lucy


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Title:   Women in the Civil War

Presentor:   American Battlefield Trust

Description:   A short video oulining the contributions of women in the Civil War. From the American Battlefield Trust https://www.battlefields.org/learn/videos/in4

Videographer:   NA

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A few references about Pauline Cushman, General Rosecrans, and women in the Civil War.


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A Great Audience is Present for Mrs. Hamill's Presentation
Major Cushman
Major Cushman Addresses the Audience
Mrs. Hamill Holds a Book About the Real Pauline Cushman
Colorized photo of Pauline Cushman in a Union uniform.
Pauline Cushman