Powell Liberty Historical Society

A window into the past of Powell and Liberty Township


This recorded program of historical fiction, developed for the Delaware County Historical Society, tells the story of Irena Carpenter, wife of Nathan Carpenter, the first white family to settle in the county in what is now Liberty Township. Sherry portrays Irena Carpenter, who came here with her husband and 10 children in 1801. She presents a woman's perspective of coming to the wilderness of the Ohio Territory. Sherry wrote the script for the video and portrayed Irena. The story is based on documented facts, where available, and incorporates plausible guesses where the information is not known.
Sherry Carmichael Portrays Irena Carpenter


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Video Title:   Irena Carpenter' Diary

Presentor:   Sherry Carmichael

Description:   Sherry Carmichael portrays Irena Carpenter, the matriarch of the first white family to settle in Delaware County, as she describes her family and their moves from Connecticut to central New York and then in 1801 to what became Liberty Township.

Videographer:   Allen Miller