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Homefront Knitting Supported WW I and WW II Troops

Using photos, Gretchen Curtis revealed the support provided by women, men and children knitting to support military troops during WW I and WW II. The photos illustrated knitters at work making garments sent to the troops, knitting instruction manuals, and advertisements to promote home front activities. This program was originally developed and presented to honor the Lakeside Women's Club's 15th year of knitting blankets for an organization called "Warm Up America". The women's club makes more than 30 blankets to donate every year. Because of Coronavirus pandemic restrictions, this program was prerecorded and available for streaming from the website .


Homefront Knitting Supported WW I and WW II Troops

Gretchen Curtis' presentation for the November 9, 2020 program prerecorded on November 3, 2020.



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