About Us

Our History:
The Powell Liberty Historical Society was formed in 1986 during a successful effort to save an 1889 farm house in the middle of a rapidly growing community. The house was slated to be razed for the Bartholomew Run housing development.

Powell, with a small crossroads village atmosphere and a population of about 350, experienced upscale development and annexation beginning in the 1980s. The surrounding area of Liberty Township, including the village of Hyatts, was mostly rural.

Local residents Louise Cornish and Janet Masteller led the campaign to save and restore the 1889 home, considered to be an example of midwestern architecture of the late 19th century. It was unique in the fact that it was in nearly original condition. Electricity was added in 1928, and the old hand pump gave way to indoor plumbing and county-supplied water in 1969.

Local developers Multicon Builders, Inc. and George W. Banning Associates, Inc. donated the land and the house after a directed amount of money was raised for restoration. There were some generous gifts as well, and the deed was transferred to the newly-formed Powell Liberty Historical Society in August of 1987.

The Martin-Perry House was named to honor the only two families who lived in the home over an almost 100-year period of time. It opened for tours in December of 1990.

Our Mission:
Preservation, education, and service to the community.

Our Grounds:
The Powell Area Garden Club has developed and cared for the gardens since 1991.

Hazel Martin, the eldest daughter of the first family to inhabit the Martin-Perry House in the 1890s.
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