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Meeting Details - All Are Welcome!

Event Date and Start Time
6/10/2019 7:00 PM - 8:00 PM
Sherry Carmichael, 6th generation Powell resident and long time Powell Liberty Historical Society volunteer
Hyattsville, “A Railroad Town”: the village, the man and his house
Many of you know Sherry Carmichael who grew up in Powell and remains a resident today, the 6th generation in her family to call Powell home. Over the years, Sherry has dedicated much of her time to the preservation of Powell area history. At this June meeting Sherry will share with us some of the history of Hyatts, formerly “Hyattsville”, founded by Henry Hyatt. Included will be then and now photos, early plat maps, discussion of the importance of the railroad, development of the schools, churches, and commerce, and an interview with the current resident of Henry Hyatt’s house.
Martin-Perry House
103 E. Olentangy St.
Powell, 43065
Parking is available in a small lot west of the house and across the street in the large lot at the NE corner of Olentangy St. and Grace Dr. Do NOT park in the lot behind the businesses immediately west of the Martin Perry House (toward downtown).